BALIK PULAU: The tour bus driver who rammed into several vehicles at the traffic lights near Setia Triangle Bayan Lepas, killing a teenager yesterday, has tested positive for methamphetamine in a urine test, said Southwest district police chief Superintendent A.A. Anbalagan.

Police are also investigating how the 49-year-old man who does not possess a driving licence, was allowed to drive the vehicle.

The suspect has been remanded for two days from today, to assist investigations under Section 41 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987,” Anbalagan said here today.

In the 6.30pm incident, 16-year-old Muhammad Saifullah Muhammad Hafeiz who was a part-time pizza delivery boy, was killed after the tour bus rammed into several vehicles, including the victim’s motorcycle, at the junction on Jalan Kelicap near Setia Triangle Bayan Lepas.

A form four student of Sekolah Menengah Sungai Ara, Muhammad Saifullah Muhammad Hafeiz died on the spot.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere at the Bayan Lepas Muslim Cemetery was that of grief and sadness when the body of Muhammad Saifullah arrived, with over 100 people in attendance, including family members, school friends, teachers and acquaintances.

His mother, Siti Hajar Ghazali, 38, told reporters she could not believe her eldest son of seven children was gone forever.

An auxiliary police officer at the Penang International Airport, Siti Hajar recounted that Muhammad Saifullah, fondly called Chaq, was a good son and had assisted the family by working as a pizza delivery boy since May.

“Yesterday, Chaq left for work at 3pm and I was at home then. I cooked his favourite food – bee hoon soup, but he could not eat as he was rushing to his workplace,” she said.

After the tragic passing, the mother penned a heartfelt post on Facebook, including the following:?

“Even when you were tired, you would still do what I asked you to. Now, rest my darling. Wait for me, your dad and your brothers and sisters, there. We accept this as Allah’s will. The Almighty gave us Chaq for only a brief time, 16 years and five months.” — Bernama