1. Perak DAP today unanimously resolve to call on the cabinet to review immediately the previous decision to teach khat at SJK T & SJK C.

2. Perak DAP is of the view that since teaching khat at vernacular schools is not in the education blueprint nor in the PH manifesto, it is not a matter of priority and the best solution is to postpone the implementation of this policy until further consultation and deliberation with the stakeholders.

3. Perak DAP also express our full support to party Secretary General Sdr Lim Guan Eng to raise the subject matter at tomorrow’s cabinet meeting and we call on all other PH ministers to resolve the controversy with full wisdom in line with the spirit of PH manifesto.

4. Perak DAP also urge the government to focus on the implementation of institutional reforms as stated in PH manifesto and give top priority to build and develop the country’s economy for the well being of all Malaysian. It is time for all to move forward together.

Dated 13th August, 2019

Sdr Nga Kor Ming
Perak DAP Chairman/Deputy Secretary General, DAP Malaysia


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