See (right) and his team of volunteers showing the leaflet entitled “Sarawak’s future is in our hands” that were distributed in Batu Lintang constituency this morning.

KUCHING (Sept 16): Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How has urged Sarawakians to make a commitment on this Malaysia Day that they will all turn up in droves in the next state election to cast a vote for Sarawak’s future.

See, who is a Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) Presidential Council member, said voters turnout in an election is an important indicator of the strength of democracy, a barometer to gauge the level of confidence in the government and a test for the legitimacy to institute change.

“The coming state election may promise to be a game-changer in Sarawak’s quest for more autonomous powers and restoration of the special rights, interests and position of Sarawak.

“But it is up to us Sarawakians to make our voice heard, through the ballot papers. We need a high turnout to provide a radical shock to the status quo, thus enabling the realisation of a better future for Sarawak,” he said in a press statement today.

See, who together with his strong team of over 50 volunteers distributed 8,000 copies of a leaflet entitled “Sarawak’s future is in our hands” in the Batu Lintang constituency this morning, said it has been observed from the previous elections that the voters turnout in state polls were low as compared to parliamentary elections, most particularly in the urban and semi-urban constituencies.

“What is evidenced is the existence of a strong correlation between the electoral turnout and political change,” he added.

Emphasising on the need for a total and full-blown commitment to realise Sarawak’s future by demanding for the federal government to restore the special rights, interests and position of Sarawak in accordance with the Malaysia Agreement 1963, See reiterated the pledges of PSB namely to establish a Sarawak National Archive to keep and publicise all reports, agreements, correspondences and papers entailing and regarding the Malaysia Agreement 1963; alleviate and institute a full ministry to hold charge of matters relating to restoration of Sarawak’s special rights, interests and position in conformity with MA63; immediate restoration and devolution of powers over the 17 subject matters that had been agreed last year; and establish the Sarawak Wealth Fund to ensure that there will be fair and equitable distribution of state wealth to all Sarawakians and our future generation.

“We must ensure that all sectors of Sarawakians: Educational needs of our children, healthcare, the native landowners, youth empowerment, aged care, women equality, rural needs of basic amenities and infrastructure, open and efficient government institutions, industrial entrepreneurs etc will benefit from a prosperous, just and equitable Sarawak,” See said.