KUCHING: PKR State Leadership Council announced the appointments of new branch coordinators to replace those who have left or have been sacked from the party.

In a statement late Friday, its Information and Communications chief Abun Sui Anyit revealed that these new coordinators are Jugah Muyang for Lubok Antu, John Jeffrey (Puncak Borneo), Dominique Ng Kim Hoe (Bandar Kuching), Noel Changgai Bucking (Betong), Robert Lim Chim Chuang (Sibu), Upom Anak [email protected] (Tanjong Manis), Japar Suyut (Lawas) and Tay Wei Wei (Sri Aman).

“The leadership council was also informed in a meeting that party positions vacated are now in the process of being filled by members who are loyal to the party.

“Members with potential and has shown cooperation with the party leadership are also being ushered to branch leadership,” he said.

According to Abun, membership is increasing despite the mass resignation and sacking of members who supported those who left, and despite allegations that PKR Sarawak is on the verge of collapse.

“Despite the incidents and the Movement Control Order (MCO), new membership requests have been received by the party.

“From a report released at the leadership council meeting, the ratio of new members to those who are left or about to be sacked from the party is 3 to 1 ratio, that is three new members coming in compare to one member leaving,” he claimed.