THE drains along Jalan 16/1 in Petaling Jaya are filled with dried leaves, and motorists are wondering if an elements of mischief is behind this state of affairs.

K.Selena, who uses this road in the mornings, said it was rare for workers who sweep the road to stuff leaves into the drain.

“The rainy season has started, and if the drains are clogged with leaves it may lead to flash floods.

“I have never seen dried leaves along this stretch of road ever stuffed into the drains like this. I wonder if it was some act of sabotage or mischief,” she said.

Selena noticed it in the morning at about 10am while she was heading towards TTDI from Section 16, Petaling Jaya.

Another motorist C.L. Lee also noticed the dried leaves and twigs stuffed into the drains as he was driving along the road at 2pm.

“The road looked like it was swept but all the drains from the intersection from Jalan 16/1 and Jalan 16/9 was filled with dried leaves. This spot floods sometimes, so I hope the drains are kept clear,” said Lee.

The Petaling Jaya City Council has been notified over the situation by StarMetro.