A view of Miri City showing haze blanketing most parts of the city from the Grand Oil Lady at 11am today.

MIRI: Directional changes in the wind has brought the haze to the southern part of Miri, causing the Air Pollutant Index (API) reading here to rise steadily from 103 at 7am today to 126 at 12pm.

API readings at two other stations – Industrial Training Institute (ILP Miri) and SK Kuala Baram 2 – continue to record hazardous and very unhealthy air quality.

As at 12pm, ILP Miri recorded a reading of 361, a slight drop from 363 recorded at 9am today.

Meanwhile, API readings at SK Kuala Baram 2 also dropped from 278 at 9am to 270 at 12pm.

Law in a brief statement at noon today revealed that areas behind Hamidah Yakup Welfare Complex experienced rainfall, bringing much needed relief to the firefighting team in their attempts to extinguish the blaze there.

“Rain has fallen exactly on where we are currently doing firefighting, making things easier for the team,” he said when contacted.

Law said he and his men were extinguishing fires on the remaining 250 acres of land behind Hamidah Yakup Welfare Complex, Naim’s nursery, behind ILP Miri, land Lot 4941 and 4042 and the Permyjaya – Kuala Baram mainroad.

“We have put out fires on 45 acres of land yesterday and efforts to extinguish fires on the remaining 250 acres of land in these five areas are ongoing,” Law said.

When asked if they were getting any assistance from other agencies today, Law said only the Public Works Department (JKR) came down to assist them today.