KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s involvement in the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (Untag) peacekeeping mission, which supervised Namibia’s elections and transition to independence in 1990, is highly acknowledged by the Africa nation.

Namibian High Commissioner to Malaysia Anne Namakau Mutelo said the contribution, made under the leadership of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, then fourth prime minister, had significantly assisted the country in achieving the status of being a recognised independent nation.

Addressing the remark during a reception held in commemorating Namibia’s founding President Sam Nujoma’s 90th birthday on Sunday, she further elaborated on the role played by other countries that led to Namibia’s freedom.

Malaysia was part of the Untag peacekeeping force deployed from April 1989 to March 1990 in Namibia to monitor the country’s peace process and elections. — Bernama