Bunkface's new song 'Akhir Zaman' triggered outrage from the LGBTQ community. — Picture via Instagram/Bunkface
Bunkface’s new song ‘Akhir Zaman’ triggered outrage from the LGBTQ community. — Picture via Instagram/Bunkface

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — Malaysian pop punk band Bunkface’s new single Akhir Zaman has drawn the ire or many for a line in their new song attacking the LGBTQ community.

The track which was released yesterday, triggered outrage especially from the LGBTQ community for it’s lyrics “LGBT, boleh pergi mampus” which translates to ‘LGBT can go die’.

Due to its hateful content, prominent local LGBTQ activist, Numan Afifi had taken to his Twitter account to call for the removal of the song after deeming the song to promote homophobia and violence against LGBTQ people.

At press time, the lyrics video has yet to be removed by YouTube.

Malaysian LGBTQ musical artistes bands too were quick to respond with 24-year-old singer-songwriter alextbh shrugging off the uproar saying, “y’all spend more energy on a band that spreads anti-lgbt message than you do with actual local lgbt artists”.


Meanwhile queercore band Shh..Diam said it was sad and disappointing, and noted that while the song had strong political messages, it had been drowned out in the hate.

The band also applauded the decision of Asian punk, hardcore and metal music website, Unite Asia, to apologise and withdraw the sharing of the lyrics video.

In a posting, the website stated that, “In 2020 for anyone, let alone a “punk” band, to so openly convey their hatred for people who are already marginalized, stigmatized, ridiculed, threatened, harmed, killed, so much so that they have to hide their identity from the world to protect themselves, is disgusting.

“Our apologies to our LGBTQ family and friends all over the world. We stand with you.”

Social activist Fahmi Reza meanwhile took to Twitter where a heated discussion broke out among users to criticise the band.

“Use your voice to fight against the people in power, against repression and to defend the oppressed”

“Don’t use it for blasting a group that had already been a target of ridicules, curses, insults, prejudices, discriminations and violence from the public and authorities.”.


Bunkface has decided to remain mum with the band’s management saying that lead vocalist Sam refused to comment but would issue a statement on the matter at their upcoming gig on April 4.