Sri Aman NRD staff present Malaysia with her replacement Mykad at her resident.

KUCHING: Malaysia Day has always been a special day for senior citizen Malaysia Andut, but even more special this year after she was recently presented with a replacement MyKad by the National Registration Department (NRD).

Malaysia, who was born Sept 16, 1963 and named by her parents in conjunction with the formation of the nation, had applied to the department for assistance to replace her damaged identity card, as she was ill and had difficulty moving about.

Following her application, a team under the Mekar Unit from NRD’s Sri Aman office, led by Siti Razwin Almin, travelled to Malaysia’s residence at Rumah Nyanyi, Gran C in Sri Aman to personally help her with the renewal application process.

“She (Malaysia) was very moved and happy that we came to see her to help get her a replacement MyKad, due to her having difficulty moving which made it hard for her to go to the NRD office,” said Siti Razwin.

She added that on the same day, the NRD team also helped to replace a lost MyKad for another senior citizen, Nawai Tuah, at the latter’s home at Taman Tiara, Jalan Brayun in Sri Aman.

Nawai also has difficulty moving about and was glad to receive help from the department in getting her new MyKad, added Siti Razwin.

Meanwhile, NRD Sri Aman registration officer Mas Shamshuddin Mohammad, who presented both Malaysia and Nawai with their new MyKad, said he was particularly excited to have been able to hand over the new identity card to Malaysia, in view that she was born on a historic day for the country.

“Through the Mekar Unit, we aim to some extent help the local community in solving their problems, especially the needy such as the elderly, people with disabilities, and those who are ill, in matters concerning identity documents.

“In line with NRD’s slogan ‘People in NRD’s Heart’, the Sri Aman office strives to provide the best service to the people,” he said.

For any inquiries related to the Mekar Unit in the Sri Aman area, contact NRD Sri Aman on 083-325095.