SEREMBAN: Academics should be allowed to air their views on national matters as long as it was not in violation of the relevant laws or university rules.

Umno supreme council member Datuk Jalaluddin Alias said this in reference to a Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia lecturer who had said the university had told him to stop writing about “sensitive political issues”.

Jalaluddin said that the Government should do the right thing by answering the claim made by political science lecturer Abdul Muein Abadi with solid proof.

“Please do not use political pressure to shut him up. What is the point of promoting Malaysia Baru when you (Pakatan Harapan) can’t promote mature politics,” he said in a statement.

The Jelebu MP said that the Pakatan administration should counter Abdul Muein’s claim that it sold off RM20bil in assets over the past 400 days.

Jalaluddin also said that Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik should also ensure that lecturers are free to air their views.

“This is certainly a black dot for academic freedom in our country. This is also a regressive step by a government which had actually pledged to do more for academic freedom,” he added.