Khallid (back, second left) with some of the members from the four NGOs after making the police report at Lutong Police Station.

MIRI: Firmer laws should be enacted immediately to prevent the spread of religious insults in the country.

Persatuan Kebajikan Masyarakat Sejahtera Miri (Perkemas) advisor Khallid Abdul Manap said the rise in the number of individuals insulting religious beliefs of other faiths in Sarawak was worrying.

“The authorities need to take stringent action or tough legal action against those who insult religion and create racial issues.

“I see this has been increasing in the Peninsula and now is spreading here (Sarawak). Thus we take this issue seriously,” he said yesterday.

Earlier, four non-governmental organisations (NGOs) comprising Perkemas, Majlis Putera Merah Bersatu (PMB), Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumpun Islam Sejagat (KERIS) and Pertubuhan Ahli-Ahli Berbaiah Malaysia Sarawak made a police report on a man who insulted Islam in Sibu.

The report was made by members of the organisation at the Lutong Police Station yesterday afternoon.

Khallid, who is also PMB chairman said he would submit a memorandum on the matter through these NGOs.

“We will make a memorandum through the NGOs later to impose more severe penalties on those who insult Islam or other religions,” he said.