MALAYSIA’S Jihin “Shadow Cat” Radzuan is well-versed when it comes to martial arts.

In ONE Championship, the affable youngster has shown her abilities across different departments of the game on various occasions. She can strike up a flurry of combinations or dazzle the crowd with her exquisite grappling skills.

Guided by Melvin Yeoh at Ultimate MMA Academy in Johor Baru, Jihin’s learning curve has increased tremendously over the years. But these days, there is another aspect of the game that has helped her to improve as an overall martial artist.

“Teaching martial arts has helped me in various ways. The most obvious one that I’d say is communication,” the 21-year-old shared.

“Not only has it helped me converse better, but it has also shown me the importance of it.”

The atomweight star loves new challenges, and she never backed down when offered the chance to teach at her gym.

Despite a hectic schedule – which includes two jobs and furthering her studies – Jihin viewed it as an opportunity to promote martial arts through a new avenue.

“I teach girls and kids. With girls, they are more comfortable with me. They are not shy to learn from me or do something wrong,” she said.

“It’s always fun to teach kids, and I prefer to teach them. They are fast learners. Yes, they aren’t doing it at 100% like how adults do, but you can see that they’re always excited to learn new things.

“That gives me a sense of fulfillment too.”

The Johor Baru native also shared one of her most adorable moments while teaching mixed martial arts.

“I have this little boy who trains with me every Saturday. He’s the only boy in the group, and when he first came in, he was so shy,” she recalled.

“But he’s so brave now. He talks to everyone in the class, even volunteers to show new techniques in class. It shows you how martial arts can help you.”

As her teaching improves by the day, the Ultimate MMA Academy standout also sharpens her skills at the same time.

There is no date set for her return, but as always, expect her to exhibit a better version of herself in her next appearance at The Home Of Martial Arts.