KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Youth central secretary-general Milton Foo suggests applying indelible ink on those who visited China in the past 14 days, ensuring they complied with the state’s two-week self-quarantine directive.

Milton Foo

“Apply indelible ink for 14 days on them for the sake of public identification on those who returned from the areas with the outbreak of Covid-19,” said Foo in a statement yesterday.

He also suggested that state government officials carry out spot checks on the addresses provided by foreigners entering the state, making sure they practise 14-day self-quarantine as required by Sarawak Disaster Management Committee.

If foreigners with working permit or student pass were found to be in breach of the directive, Foo said they should be blacklisted and their work permits or student pass to be revoked, followed by repatriating them to their home country.

It was previously reported foreigners, irrespective of nationalities,  who had been to China for the past 14 days will be refused entry into the state, Sarawakians have to observe a two-week self-quarantine if they visited China in the last 14 days.

Sarawakians or local residents who flout the quarantine period should be prosecuted in court  Foo added.

“It is the duty of all Sarawakians to work hand in hand to safeguard and protect Sarawak from the invasion of the Covid-19,” he said.

Foo also appealed to the public to report to the relevant authorities if they know anyone who violated the directive of self-quarantine at home, for the sake of public safety.