THE area under the Jalan Kem Expressway Bridge, a stone’s throw from the Port Klang Authority (LKP) building, has been turned into an illegal dumpsite.

To make matters worse, a group of drug addicts, in the pretence of managing the site, are collecting a fee from those who dump construction waste there.

The addicts also routinely burn heaps of waste in the evening to salvage metal parts for sale.

StarMetro visited the area following complaints from motorists of poor visibility due to smoke billowing from under the bridge.

On seeing our photographer, drug addicts who were sorting out metal casings from the burnt electrical items, ran away.

The area has become a dumping site for construction waste.

The area has become a dumping site for construction waste.

Concrete pillars and beams in the area are now covered with thick soot. Not far from the site is a single rail track used by cargo trains.

LKP Property Department manager Sri Muhunan Rajaretnam said the illegal activity started three months ago.

Wire from the street lights in the area have been stripped and burnt for metal and the area is shrouded in darkness.

Drug addicts can often be seen in the area further down the bridge.

A torched car lies abandoned at the site and many public amenities such as street lights, road barriers and public dustbins have been vandalised.

Klang Public Works Department (JRK) engineer Syaharidanisman Mohd Johanis said the Jalan Kem Expressway Bridge is under its jurisdiction and action will be taken to stop open burning there.

“Since it involves bulk waste, we will have to liaise with the Klang Municipal Council to clean up the area,” he said.