IN this thriller from Pavone, all hell breaks loose one morning in Paris, but as Kate Moore is about to find out, it will change her life and that of her family.

Standing next to the Louvre Museum is Mahmoud Khalid, a suspected jihadist who is ready to send the beautiful city into chaos. He’s armed with a suicide vest strapped to his body and has a metal box next to his feet, presumably containing another bomb.

Moore, a deep-cover CIA operative whose job is a secret even to her husband Dexter, finds herself drawn in by what’s happening. She soon learns that similar bomb threats have popped up across the globe.

Meanwhile, Dexter is secretly planning another money-making scheme, hoping to recover from financial problems after his previous cyberhacking plot to steal 500 million euro went south.

Seemingly separate from all this 4Syte CEO Hunter Forsyth, a wealthy businessman, who goes missing before he’s due to make a major announcement later that afternoon that will make him richer.

As Kate races to unravel the mystery, she uncovers a link between Dexter and Hunter, which may connect to the Paris and global attacks, and perhaps point to something bigger that is about to go down.

Pavone brings Paris to life for the readers as things unfold. The outrageous plot and equally crazy subplots unravel in just one day in Paris – all revolve around the themes of friendship, marriage, trust, greed, betrayal and revenge. And the last motivation is the reason that drives his main characters to make bad decisions.

The ending, however, is a bit of an anti-climax.